increase the amount of love in the world by learning to love yourself first

Confidence is not just feeling good about the way you look; confidence is the ability to be authentically and truthfully you.

It is knowing your soul, loving who you are and most importantly, liking who you are.

It is the realization that your perceived flaws are amazing, simply because they are a part of you. 

It is being decisive, keeping promises to yourself & being capable of handling anything that comes your way.

It is knowing that you are worthy of the promotion, the perfect relationship and the abundance, love and honesty that is available to you.

Confidence is so much more than appearance; it is living for you and not for others.

Confidence is being whole all by yourself. 




have a difficult time making decisions 

don't take risks 

are fearful of love and deep connection

feel anxious about the future

don't feel great about yourself when walking out the door 

are constantly seeking outside validation

feel high highs & low lows 

need to feel like people are proud of you

withhold love in fear of disappointment 

think it's important to always have the upper hand 

feel unfulfilled at work 

are emotionally unavailable or cold

constantly dissect your appearance in the mirror 

crash/fad diet

have an, "I'll start Monday" mentality

would like to feel free


"So enlightening...I feel like a newborn baby - total reset! Devyn is the real deal. I'm a 41 year-old mom who just got the best advice & coaching of my life from this beautiful young woman."

"I am literally a different person after our session last week. Devyn has helped me embrace this moment in time & i am forever grateful - totally feeling the shift." 

"When I say I'm in the FLOW's so real! Everything is just clicking. So thankful for Devyn's guidance, little tweaks like morning pages and the affirmation albums really have helped clear the fog." 

helping increase the amount of love in the world, by teaching you to love yourself first.
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