connect to yourself so that you can better connect with others

We crave intimacy and connectivity; the unspoken bond between two people. However, we oftentimes find ourselves shying away from deeper connections through vulnerability and truth. Why is that?

Our world makes us feel that love is a limited resource:

"don't fall in love too quickly",  "make sure you know what you're getting yourself into", "i just don't want to see you get hurt"... 

When in fact, love is our baseline, intimacy is our default and human connection is our nature.


As a certified life coach, I have studied human behavior, psychology and relationships.

As YOUR life coach, I help you strip away unhelpful programming regarding relationships, shift your mindset from lack to love and help you connect to yourself so that you can better connect with others. 


Intimacy coaching will enhance your relationship with your soul and thus, with your community.

It will allow you to give love freely, receive love with worthiness and create strong, meaningful bonds. 


feel like you're lacking deep connections in relationships (both platonic & romantic)

have a difficult time opening up to people 

want to find love

have an unsatisfactory or uncomfortable sex life

are looking to enhance or spice up your current relationship 

would like to approach dating differently 

feel emotionally unavailable 

are looking to make new friends 

need to heal past relationship trauma (both platonic & romantic)

feel unworthy of love

have always had difficulty dating 

are feeling stuck or in a rut

want to understand yourself at your core 

aren't able to communicate your feelings properly 


"So enlightening...I feel like a newborn baby - total reset! Devyn is the real deal. I'm a 41 year-old mom who just got the best advice & coaching of my life from this beautiful young woman."

"I am literally a different person after our session last week. Devyn has helped me embrace this moment in time & i am forever grateful - totally feeling the shift." 

"When I say I'm in the FLOW's so real! Everything is just clicking. So thankful for Devyn's guidance, little tweaks like morning pages and the affirmation albums really have helped clear the fog." 

60 minutes becoming more connected to yourself so that you can better connect to others.
1 hr