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In 2012, I went off to college in what was supposed to be my 'best year yet'...that's what everyone says, right? Instead, I fell into a deep depression; I was isolated and alone in an unfamiliar place and the mental stress was taking a physical toll on my body - I lost 17lbs from loss of appetite and was diagnosed with chronic migraines. I tried to convince myself that everyone's freshman year was difficult and affirmed that, 'if everyone else could get through it, so could I'... what I didn't realize was that I didn't have to.
Once I got home for the summer, I told my parents that I wasn't feeling myself (the first time I had admitted it outloud  *the social stigma of asking for help sucks!*) and needed to see a therapist about it. I had never been to therapy and honestly, hadn't really ever spoken about my feelings before, so I didn't know what to expect. What I definitely did not expect however, was how life-changing it was to speak to someone who had an outside perspective, someone who didn't know every detail of my childhood or who had any preconceived notions.
My then-therapist helped me make the best decision of my life: not going back to college in Chicago & moving to New York instead. Soon after, I met my current life coach and have since rid myself of depression and manifested the life of my dreams. I have dedicated the last six years to shifting my mindset, fostering optimism and living the life I have always known I could have. Now, I want to help you do the same. I want to show you that your negative experiences are waiting to be turned into lessons that propel you forward, your feeling 'stuck' is a symptom of limiting beliefs and your life is meant to be truly LIVED to the fullest. This membership is a great way to begin the journey to better you.
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