How are we feeling, everybody? Overwhelmed? Stir crazy? Slowly losing your mind?

Unsure of what to do next? I got you.

I understand that being in a slow-moving is difficult, but we are being given the unique opportunity to reinvent ourselves.

The universe is literally locking us in our rooms to think about what we’ve done.

We’re being asked to face ourselves with honesty and evaluate our lives in the present moment – do we like what we see? How we feel? Are we operating at 100%?

Most importantly, we are being asked what we TRULY want and whether or not we are willing to show up everyday to make that happen, despite any and all external circumstances. I’m going to love you hard but tough today: wake up.

The reason that we are going through this global reset is because ‘normal’ wasn’t working anymore.

Old systems are breaking down on a global & personal level and we are being called to make way for the new.

It’s time; it’s time to step into your full power, own who you are meant to be and then act.

This is a really hard, really uncomfortable, really uncertain moment to be in, but you’re still here.

Now, you have to decide whether you want to live or just exist.


Nothing feels better than staying in bed when you wake up and realize you have nowhere to go…until you have nowhere to go for days at a time. Your morning routine throughout this time is ESSENTIAL; you need to get back to waking up at a time that you feel good about and you need to take few moments to yourself. Not because you have to rush to the office, not because you have to get the kids ready for school, not because you have an early workout class to get to, because you deserve it.

You deserve to give yourself the best chance of having an awesome day and the first part of that day makes all the difference in how it ends.

Not sure of what to do?

Here’s a little checklist I use to create a morning routine no matter the circumstances:

Hydrate – you lose a lot of water while you sleep & you need to get it back asap

  • I chug a room temp lemon water with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt before I do anything – the lemon detoxes, the salt replenishes the electrolytes & sodium you lost overnight

Enjoy – do something purely for yourself that brings you joy

  • I make a strong cup of coffee and listen to calming music, while sitting outside

Appreciate – visualize, meditate, pray, manifest, set your intentions, make a list…do whatever gets you to a place of pure gratitude

  • I take 5-10 minutes to deep breathe and visualize/manifest my immediate and long-term future *I get specific*

Activate – this could be 3 minutes of stretching or a 3-mile run, just do something to get your body moving and the blood flowing

  • I have been walking 2 miles each morning while listening to a podcast or audiobook


There is nothing more centering than living a purpose-driven life. The great news is, we all have inherent purpose; we don’t have to work for it, we don’t have to ‘find it’, it exists within us and waits patiently to be uncovered.

You have maybe never had this kind of time on your hands to truly tap into that purposeful place, until now. Start exploring; sit with yourself in stillness and trust your intuition to tell you where to go. Like I said, your soul knows your purpose and is just waiting for you to reveal it, so trust that you will find answers if you go deep enough.

Start by asking yourself a few questions:

1. When do I feel most myself?

2. When do I feel most joyful, excited and at peace?

3. Have I made decisions for myself or for others?

4. Do I seek approval from others? Why?

5. If I could do anything in the world and no money was involved, what would I do?

Once you start operating from a place of purpose, you get so clear.


You wouldn’t tell your best friend that you were picking him/her up at the airport and then just never show up without explanation, right?

So, why is it okay to tell yourself that you’re going to do something and then just not show up without explanation?

This is the time to employ self-discipline – you need it, we all do.

The way that we build confidence is by keeping promises to ourselves; by showing our body that we really are going to do that at-home workout in the morning; by showing our mind that we really are going to live in the present moment and be optimistic, by showing our soul that we really are going to honor it by acting from a place of love – of ourselves, our world & each other.


The lowest human vibrations on the emotional scale are fear, despair & powerlessness. Currently, I’d say that about half the planet is operating from these low vibrations, wouldn’t you? That means that half of the energy around the entire world is bouncing back to us as more fear, more despair and more powerlessness.

The highest human vibrations on the emotional scale are love, joy, empowerment, freedom & appreciation.

There are many emotions between the lows and the highs, but you move up the scale by operating from place of love, creating joy in your world, feeling confident, exercising your independence, and showing appreciation.

Can you imagine what the world would feel like if what we were all being sent more love, joy, freedom, etc.? We may never feel fearful, hopeless or helpless again…what would that be like? Want to find out?


As said, we are being given a once in a lifetime opportunity to isolate in our cocoons, struggle, grow, develop and emerge a beautiful butterfly. There are going to be people who took this seriously and who come out of the darkness as the light – not in the light, AS the light. Then there are going to be the people who wonder what the fuck they did for six months of their life other than feel sorry for themselves, complain, send dumb memes and watch too much TV.

Great news: you get to choose whether you’re going to inch out of your home as a meek, little caterpillar or if you’re going to fly out above the world as a fucking butterfly.

Choose wisely.

I feel you all, I hear you, I get it. But I also love you and that’s why I can’t let you sit here, watching the news and sulking forever.

The world is still beautiful, people are still kind, we can do hard things & you are still alive.

It’s time. Call me if you need me.

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