I get asked some version of this question at least 3x a week and I always think it’s funny that people consider themselves either a morning or night person…aren’t we all both? First things first, you have to rewire your brain to believe that you are indeed a ‘morning person’ – you, like everyone else, gets up each morning and decides whether or not you’re going to be happy and have a great day, no matter the time. Believing that you don’t have control over that is a limiting belief that you have to cancel before you move forward.

The reason I love to wake up early is because I’ve made it really enjoyable for myself. I have learned to appreciate the few minutes before the sun comes up because I create a sense of peace upon wakeup and truly treat my morning routine as a way to ease into the day. I have a full morning routine up on the website, but here are some things I did (and that you can do too) to become the best version of myself in the morning.


I use the bedtime app, so I don’t wake up to the screeching noise of a typical alarm clock.


For me, it’s the ritual of making coffee. The act of making it, the smell, the warmth; it’s nostalgic of me of getting up early to make coffee with my dad when I was young. Do something that brings you an equal sense of comfort and happiness *this can be anything from 10 minutes of stretching to putting a soft robe on and washing your face*


I do a morning meditation that focuses on gratitude, but even just getting up and going through a mental list of things you’re thankful for makes you instantly awake


I like to write a list of 10 things I’m manifesting each morning, in ‘I AM or I HAVE’ statements; not only does it center me to physically write things down, but it gets me excited about my future and reminds me of what is possible.

Devyn Penney is a certified life & intimacy coach and the author of, "Mastering the Art of Internal Intimacy". This blog is dedicated to ending small talk by having Big Conversations, "the only way we connect is through love, empathy and an open line of communication".

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