John "JT" Templeton, Owner of JT Performance Coaching

The brevity of life and the current state of humanity. People are held back, and it’s unnecessary. I want to help people meet their truest selves which will massively increase their quality of life and the quality of life on earth as a whole.

Ashley Strommen, Co-Founder of SUTRA Superfoods

My father is my hero, my mentor, and my best friend. He came from nothing - and I mean nada. He was an addict, broke, with limited education and he built an incredible business and life because of his grit and determination. All I want to do is make him proud. The number one thing on my bucket list is to make my father so proud of me that he is speechless. The day that I can check that off I’ll change it to, “make my dad so proud of me that he pees his pants.”

John Shegerian, CO-Founder & CEO of SOM™ Sleep

I hate losing more than I like winning.

Mindy Penney, CEO of Lindon Group

I love business. I love getting up every day knowing that I will face some new challenge. I’m 51 years old and have been in business for 29 years and continue to learn something every day.… I also really like to win!

Michael Bosstick, CEO of Bosstick Media, Dear Media & Partner at TSC

My wife and the life we are creating together. When I was younger I was probably motivated by the wrong things. Material wealth, status, stuff that doesn’t matter. It took a lot of self reflection and work on myself (still in progress) to drown out that noise and really ask myself what I truly find important and why. I turn a lot of stuff down these days if it doesn't immediately service how I want to live with my wife and our future family (hopefully). For anyone that’s familiar with my wife, she is also someone who continually pushes me. She helps me find my potential.

Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny, CEO & Founder of THE METHOD®

Seeing my dream materializing into something people are willing to pay for. It is not just about the money, when people are willing to give you their hard earned money, it is because they believe you have something that can change their life, so they trust you, they sacrifice their hard earned cash to believe in you. This is huge: each time I get a payment I think “wow this clients believes in me, and supports me”. Isn’t that what we all want? Someone who believes in us and supports us? Well, customers are just that, and that is so empowering. My motivation is my drive to satisfy my believers, to never ever disappoint them, and to keep them believing in me and what I do. The simple fact, that as an entrepreneur you can put a price on your value, and you are going to find someone whether it’s 3 buyers or 100 buyers who feel you are worth it to someone, that is HUGE.

Brandon James Hammermeister, President of BMM Capital Group

My loved ones.

Heather Monahan, Founder & CEO of Boss In Heels

My greatest motivation is me. I am so committed to the vision I have in my mind of my future and the future of my company that nothing can stop me.

A.L. Roberts, Superconductor of Brand Synergy at Why Blue Matters

Without a doubt being able to get up everyday, chase dreams, and be creative while doing so means everything.

Kristi Kohut, Artist and CEO of Kristi Kohut Studio

I am driven by this incredible need to create. I don’t know where it comes from, but it is feisty and not quiet. I feel like it is just something I have to do and when I do it, it feels me with such joy and contentment that I’ve never experienced in anything I’ve ever done before. It feels like it’s what I’m supposed to do, a calling. And now that I’ve gotten to a place beyond the initial fear and self-doubt, I want to share what I’ve learned and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Imagine how amazing the world would be if we all listened to that fire inside and made our dreams a reality?!

Jamie Forward, Founder of Eat2Be

What motivates me is freedom. Freedom to live my life on my own terms- and knowing that the potential for my business is up to me and the investment of time an effort I put into it. Also, everything I’ve learned along this journey means NOTHING if I don’t share it- so what’s just as motivating to me is knowing how many people I can help to inspire to live a healthier, happier life when I share my story.

Kate Pawlowski & Ann Lightfoot, CO-Founders of Done & Done Home

Each other. And the women who work for us. The idea that they currently, and we in the future, have time for work and family is enough to keep us working hard.

Daune Thompson, Owner of I.Deserve.It Success Coaching

To show as many people possible that they deserve to live the life of their dreams and raise their self-worth to see it manifest.

Jessica Ricci, jewelry designer & owner of Jessica Ricci Jewelry

Bringing what I have found in these flea markets back to life in the form of jewelry in endless design possibilities. Sculpting wax into a form and casting it into metal remains miraculous to me and I can’t believe I get to do it every day if I want.


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