Updated: Mar 27, 2018

Choosing to be an entrepreneur is like deciding to go on a road trip without a map. There is no college major that can prepare you for what's to come, there is no guide book, and everyone's entrepreneurial path is different. While these are some of the things that I most love about being an entrepreneur, it became difficult to know where to turn to for advice and inspiration once I decided that pursuing a formal education wasn't for me. So I started reading, watching & listening to every article, interview, podcast, etc. that focused on entrepreneurship and highlighted those who had found tremendous success. I sat for hours on YouTube, fascinated by start-up stories, productivity hacks and unabashed, unsweetened advice. I began relating to certain entrepreneurs leadership styles and took from them what I could apply to my own business. The only thing that sucked, was that none of this information was all in one place, nor was it condensed into an easy-to-read format. Thus, #STYLE YOUR BIZ; a place where entrepreneurs can have access to large and small business owners, investors, and visionaries to get their take on how they have become successful. All are asked the same 10 questions, all give different answers. My hope is that this becomes a place where entrepreneurs can seek a bit of guidance on their journey, think of something in a way that they may not have before, and realize that even the most successful people have challenging times in business, all while on a coffee break. Most importantly, I want to remind people that there are so many different ways to achieve the same thing. Not everyone wakes up at sunrise, has an assistant to guide them through their day, or has gone to Harvard - entrepreneurial endeavors are not one size fits all. There are so many ways to make your journey work for you. With that said, please use #Style Your Biz as a resource and know that your timing is perfect, your instincts will lead you, and hard work never fails.

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