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As a certified, international self-development coach and author, I have worked with countless clients, who all say the same thing;

“I just don’t know what to do next”.

Chances are, if you’re here, you’re feeling similarly.

You might know where you’d like to be, what you’d like to be doing, how you’d like to feel…you’re just not exactly sure how to make it all happen.

Now, I could sit here and rattle off all of the ways that I can help you,

but the reality is - only you can help you.

You are the only one who can commit to showing up for yourself.

You are the only one who can do the inner work. You are the only one who can choose to delve deeper.


This is self-development differently; it is YOU-centric.

There is no one-size fits all method, nor is there a session syllabus or weekly checklist.

This is personal and I am simply a guide for those who are willing to become more connected to themselves

in order to be more connected to the world around us.


Think of me as the external navigation system for your internal desires. 
Our conversations together will determine your destination and I will write up a set of personalized directions that help get you there. 
These directions are specific, strategic and re-route as you do. 
You will have the tools to navigate the long, windy roads, the accidents, the peaks, the valleys and even the flat tires

(kidding, I have no idea how to change a tire). 
The goal is for you to take the wheel; to be able to navigate through your own life,

to get comfortable enough that you don’t have to look at the directions every 5 minutes

or get overwhelmed by the metaphorical bumps in the road. 
The goal is that you turn off the GPS because you already know exactly where you’re going.
The goal is that, as your coach, I give you proper, intentional and individualized guidance so that you can cruise on autopilot. 
The goal is for me to help return you to yourself and send you on your way to ultimate freedom. 
Ready? Let’s hit the fucking road!

*this booking acts as a confidentiality agreement between parties*
1 hr


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