shift your mindset, find your life purpose, learn to manifest your dreams & live out your full potential

I am a certified, international life coach who specializes in intimacy; intimacy of self and intimacy with others.

I draw from my own experiences and am simply a guide to those who are willing to become more connected to themselves in order to be more connected to the world around us.

My mission is, and has always been, to increase the amount of love in the world by showing people how to love themselves. Our souls know no hate, no injustice, no intolerance. Our community is global thus, our love knows no bounds.

However, we can only access that love when we are right with ourselves; mentally healthy, centered  and at peace.

The reason I became a life coach is because I see the impact that soul-driven, empowered, loving humans can make in the world.

It is time to focus on love and it starts with us; it starts with us getting in touch with our soul, our inner calm and healing our hearts.

I am here to help guide the broken, the confused, the ‘stuck’, the tired, the overwhelmed, the saddened, the angry…to a place of peace.

I am here to walk with you on your journey as you return to yourself.

People are my priority and we are ALWAYS better together.


"So enlightening...I feel like a newborn baby - total reset! Devyn is the real deal. I'm a 41 year-old mom who just got the best advice & coaching of my life from this beautiful young woman."

"I am literally a different person after our session last week. Devyn has helped me embrace this moment in time & i am forever grateful - totally feeling the shift." 

"When I say I'm in the FLOW's so real! Everything is just clicking. So thankful for Devyn's guidance, little tweaks like morning pages and the affirmation albums really have helped clear the fog." 

I'll help you shift your mindset, find your life purpose, manifest your dreams & live out your full potential.
1 hr