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An active, self-appreciation journal, “You know what I love about Me?” connects you to the parts of yourself that make you an individual. Unlike other gratitude and self-care practices, this journal provides a safe space to profess admiration for yourself…without the ego. Broken into three fundamental parts: giving thanks to your past self, appreciating your future self, and admiring your present self, each page helps you get to know yourself better and ultimately, love yourself more.

This journal celebrates your authenticity; the microcosms that make you, you. It praises your differences while simultaneously reminding you of the important role you play in this global community of ours. Your life is meaningful, interesting, and worth being proud of. “You know what I love about Me?” encourages introspection, without force. With straightforward prompts, additional space to uncritically express thoughts, and a daily exercise, this journal improves your state of being in 5 minutes or less.
Whether you use this in self-exploration, or simply to clear your head, “You know what I love about Me?” is sure to become an integral part of your self-care practice.
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