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 Do you feel stuck; weighed down by the expectations of others and like you can’t ever do anything right? Do you feel like you’re never thin enough, good-looking enough, successful enough or happy enough? Do you find yourself constantly seeking validation, abiding by the rules of others and doing what everyone says you should, without anything to show for it? That’s because you’re living from the outside in. We are so busy trying to be ‘good’ for everyone else that we neglect our true selves. What we don’t realize is that when we know ourselves better, when we honor our soul desires & when we stop paying attention to what other people think of us, we become the person that we want to be. Scratch that…we become the person that we are meant to be.

We become purpose-driven and aligned, rather than money hungry and hustling. We become confident and clear about what we want, rather than self-doubting and unsure. We become loving and joyful, rather than judgmental and ungrateful. We become the light that we have been seeking. We realize that everything we need is within us. Getting to know yourself is a process that requires patience, strength and a willingness to surrender. You must be ready to feel everything. You’ll laugh at yourself; you’ll cry with yourself, you’ll feel hopeless at times and on top of the world moments later. This guide is meant to help you work through those difficult moments of coming to terms with the fact that you’ve been living from the outside, in. More importantly, it is meant to help you confidently begin living the amazing life that is yours.
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