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(all identities are protected & thus all testimonials are anonymous)

"I am literally a different person after our session last week. Devyn has helped me embrace this moment in time & I am forever grateful - totally feeling the shift."
"I have never felt so cared for, listened to and understood - not just by any other coach or therapist, but by any other human - than I do with Devyn." 
"When I say I am in is so real!
Everything is just clicking. So thankful to Devyn's guidance, and little tweak, all have really helped me
clear the fog."
"You have helped me remember who I actually am and have given me so much amazing advice about how to return to my true self...grateful is an understatement." 
"So enlightening...I feel like a newborn baby - total reset!
Devyn is the real deal. I'm a 41 year old mom who just got the best advice & coaching of my life from this
young woman."
I have been in therapy for 10+ years and have gotten more accomplished, moved closer to my goals and have felt more aligned than ever after only a few sessions with this truly gifted human."
"What I love about Devyn is that her coaching is action-oriented."
"Devyn listens to what I say, somehow miraculously hears things that I have never even thought of, and then helps me dive in head first to heal. It's amazing." 
"I have been waiting my whole life for someone like Devyn to help me sort through all of my past trauma and, more importantly, move forward.
I appreciate her more than I could ever put into words." 
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